This document outlines how to begin a video appointment with a patient at the scheduled time of the appointment. The appointment room is open 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and 60 minutes after it is supposed to end. Please be on time for your virtual appointment.

Setup Prerequisite:

Please refer to instructions on how to set up video conferencing here:

Device Prerequisite:

  • Computer/tablet/smartphone with a camera and microphone.
  • Good Wifi/wired Internet connection.  Minimum bandwidth is 540Kbps upstream per connection. For example, 10 concurrent video connections require at least 5.4Mbps upstream.  Check with your IT department.
  • Headset is preferred for better clarity.
  • Modern internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or MS Edge (Chromium).  Please update your browser to the latest version.
  • Check device compatibility here: (if your device fails this test, please review the above conditions and contact

  1. In the Portal, go to the Appointments icon, and scroll down to Day Sheet.  Your appointment with the patient should be visible.  Click on the Camera button (highlighted) and it will show the Launch Video Call box.

  2. Alternatively, you can go to the Appointments icon,  and scroll down to Calendar. From the Calendar you will be able to identify any video appointments by a camera icon. When you click on the appointment, you will be able to press a Launch video appointment button.
  3. If the Internet Browser asks for permission to use your Camera and Microphone, please Allow it.

  4. A separate window will open, displaying your video session.  Please wait for your patient to join the video conference session.

  5. If your patient is not already there, you can send them an instant reminder informing them that you are waiting for them. Once both parties converge, your session will commence.

6. You can use the live chat to communicate with your patient. Click on the speech bubble icon to begin this feature.

This will allow you to converse with your patient in an easier fashion if there are any audio issues.

7. Click on the Red Phone button to end your call. Please note that when the appointment is ended by the provider, you cannot go back into it.

After the appointment ends, you can click the blue Send Details to Chart button to download the video chat transcript, start time, end time and duration of the appointment/call to the patient's EMR chart.

Converting a Regular Appointment to Video Appointment

  1. In the Portal, go to the Appointments icon, and open up the appointment from either the Day Sheet or the Calendar.
  2. Once the appointment is open, click on the  Additional Options button (3 horizontal dots) in the bottom left corner of the window. From here you will need to click Convert to video visit 
  3. You will know that it has been successfully converted when the Launch video appointment button appears beside the Additional Options