This document outlines the steps required to deactivate a provider if they are leaving your clinic or are no longer offering the Portal to their patients for online services. 

Deactivating the Provider 

  • The first step before deactivating a clinic will be to notify their patient group that the provider is no longer offering online services via the Portal. In the case where the provider is no longer with the clinic, the patient group should be notified of this change. You can reach out to the patient group by using the Email Notification/Portal Broadcast feature. 
  • Once the patient group has been alerted to the change in the clinic you will be able to use the following steps to deactivate the Provider.
  • The first step to deactivate a provider will be in the Schedule, which is the first tab in the Settings.

  • Once in the Schedules choose the schedule of the Provider who is being deactivated.

  • From the Provider's Schedule you will need to go into their Appointment Types and Rules and under Appointment Types you will need to disable all enabled appointment types.

  • After disabling the Appointment Types, go into the Schedule Settings of the provider's schedule and edit the Internal and Public Name to "Provider's name - INACTIVE" and Save.

  • From the Schedule Settings go to the Link to EMR tab and uncheck Can Sync and press Save.

  • After ensuring the Schedule can no longer sync, move down into the Appointment Reminders tab and uncheck all notification/reminder options and press Save.

  • Finally, ensure that the deactivated provider does not appear in any active providers' workgroups. If it does, remove their name.