To book an appointment, you will have to go to the appointment page in the Portal. From here you can book appointments for yourself, or if you are connected to family who are unable, book on behalf of them.

1. To book an appointment you must first click the Book New Appointment button on the main Appointments page or straight from the Dashboard/Homepage.

2.  The next step is to choose on behalf of who you will book the appointment for. If you are managing the profile of somebody without access to the portal, like a minor, you can book appointments for them as well. 

3. After choosing who the appointment is for, you can then choose what type of appointment you would like to book. The types of appointments you can book depend on what your clinic offers. 

4. The next step is to choose which doctor you will book your appointment with and on what date and time. On this page, the name of your primary provider will be displayed (as well as any other providers your clinic allows you to book with) in addition to their next availability as well as all future availability

5. Once you have chosen an availability that suits your needs, your next step will be to detail the reason for your appointment (if your clinic gives this option). This can include symptoms or concerns. Once this has been done, you can click on the Submit your request button. 

6. Once you have submitted your request, depending on your clinic's discretion, you may need to wait for your appointment request to be confirmed. 

7. Once your appointment has been confirmed you will be able to view it in your Upcoming Appointments