If your clinic has enabled direct messaging, you will be able to compose messages using the "Compose" feature. This can be found beside the drop-down menu in the Mailbox.

1. After you have chosen to compose a new message, you will have the options to:

  • Choose a recipient of your message
  • In addition, if given the option, you may send a message on behalf of a connected family member.
  • Name the subject of your correspondence
  • Detail the body of your message

2. After these fields have been filled out you will then be able to send your new message. To do this, press the blue "Send" button.

3. In some cases, you may need to attach a file to your message. If your clinic has enabled the ability to attach files, a button will appear beside the "Send" button, giving you the option to "Attach file...". Please note: You must select a recipient for your message before the Attach File button can appear.


4. After pressing "Attach file..." a field will appear for you to "Select a file...". When you press this button, your file directory will come up and you may then click and drag the file you want to attach to your message.