Editing your information can all be accessed from your main dashboard. On the top right hand of your Portal, there will be a drop-down menu beside your name. From here, you can access your account information or logout of the portal. 

Once you have accessed My Account, you will be able to choose from 7 different fields to be able to edit:

  • Profile
  • Address 
  • Connection
  • Email
  • Mobile/SMS
  • Password
  • 2-Factor Authentication 

Updating your Profile

1. To edit your profile information first click on the Profile tab.

2. Once you have opened the Profile tab, you can edit your name, birth date, preferred title and gender. You may then save your changes by pressing the Save changes button at the bottom of the tab. 

Updating your Address

1. You can find your address information in the Address tab. 

2. After you have opened the Address tab, you are free to edit any address information that needs to be modified.  Once your changes are made, you can save the information with the Save button.

Updating your Email 

1. In the case where you change email addresses, you also have the option in My Account to edit the email attached to your profile. To access this you must open the Email tab.

2. After you have opened the Email tab, you are able to enter your email. Press Save changes to complete your email modification.

Updating your Password

1. The option to update your email can also be found in the My Account tab. 

2. Once you have opened the Password tab, you can modify your password by first entering your current password. Afterwards enter a new password and reconfirm that updated password again.  After you have chosen a new password, press the Update button to finish.