Dual Factor Authentication or 2-Step Verification is an optional security feature on your smartphone for added protection on your Health Myself Portal login. 

Enabling Dual Authentication 

1. To activate Dual Factor Authentication you must first download the Google Authenticator App from your phone or tablet's application store (Play Store for Androids, App Store for iPhones, Blackberry App World). 

2. Once the Google Authenticator App has been downloaded, you can start the enabling process for your account by going to the My Account tab of the Portal and find 2-Factor Authentication.  

3. When you have opened 2-Factor Authentication you will be brought to the following screen, where you will scan the barcode using the Authenticator app:


4.  After you have the barcode open and in front of you, you can access the Google Authenticator to scan it. 

  • You must first press Begin Setup:

  • After that, you will be prompted to Scan barcode:

  • After the barcode has been scanned, authentication codes will begin to be generated in the app. Type in the 6 digit code that you see on the screen and press Save changes to activate the 2-Factor Authentication for your profile. 

5. You will now have Dual Factor Authentication as an added level of security for your Health Myself Patient Portal login. A new 6-digit code will be generated every 30 seconds. And that code will be required to login to your account.