Located at the bottom of the Dashboard are Quick Link Directories for the different features of the Portal. These directories are split up into 3 tables: Navigation, My Account, and Support. 

1. The Navigation Table contains 3 Quick Links

  • Dashboard - This link will bring you back to the homepage of the Portal.
  • Appointments - Following this link leads you to the Appointments page where you can book and manage your upcoming appointments
  • Mail - The mail link gives you access to your Mailbox. Here you can Compose and reply to messages.

2. The My Account Table contains 2 Quick Links

  • Account Settings - This link will lead to your profile information, should you want to edit anything from: your email, name, date of birth etc.
  • Connected Accounts - By following this link you will be able to add, manage and edit current Connected Accounts.

3. The Support Table contains 2 Quick Links:

  • Contact Support - From here you will be prompted to fill out a ticket detailing any technical issues you come by while utilizing the Portal. You will need to include: Your name, your email, the subject of your issue (you can choose from a few different ones in the drop-down menu), and a description of your issue. 

  • Leave Feedback - This feature is used if you want to leave some form of feedback for the Health Myself Team. Please note that your clinic does not see these messages, so do not make any medical related correspondences via this feature.