This solutions page will cover the different Mobile Check-In processes. After reading this, you should be able to successfully check-in for your appointments, allowing your clinic staff to be notified of your arrival prior to your appointment. 

Checking in via the Check-In Email 

  • Approximately 1-2 hours before your appointment, you should receive a Check-In email, addressed from your clinic. From this email, you will be able to access a link that will direct you through the check-in process. 

  • After clicking the blue 'Check-in for your appointment' button, you will be brought to the check-in page. You will need to confirm your arrival at the clinic location. If Location Services are enabled on your mobile device, your location will automatically be confirmed when you check 'I have arrived at [location]'. 

  • Otherwise, if your device is unable to geo-locate you, you will need to enter the Check-In Code that is physically displayed at your clinic.

  • After you have provided your Proof-of-Presence, your appointment(s) for that day will be displayed. Following that, press Continue/Next.

  • During the Check-In Process, you will be given the option to update your personal information including: your address, your email address and your mobile/home phone number. You can change this information by clicking on 'Edit' on the right side of the info fields. Once your information is up-to-date you can click 'Next'. 

  • You have now completed the check-in process and should await direction from your clinic staff. 

Checking in without a Check-In Email

  • In certain scenarios where you do not receive a check-in email (i.e. last minute booking, cannot access your email address) you will still be able to check into your appointment, however, you will need to do so from the Check-In Sheet that your clinic posts at the clinic. This page will contain a QR Code in addition to a link with a check-in code.

Please note that the picture below is only an example, so the code and link will differ depending on your actual clinic.

  • To scan the QR Code, open the rear-facing camera on your Android or Apple device and point it at the QR code. On Android devices a link will appear below the QR code on your screen. Apple devices will display a notification at the top of the screen. Regardless of whether your device is Apple or Android, please click on that link/notification to start the Check-In Process. 
  • If you are unable to use your device to scan the QR code, please input the URL into your browser. 
  • Once you have followed the URL via the QR Code or via the browser, the check-in process is the same as it would be if you had received the check-in email, please follow the directions above.