Caregiver accounts are created for individuals who manage care for a clinic's patient(s) but are not patients at the clinic themselves. Follow the steps below to create a caregiver account:

1.  In the Portal:

a) Click on the Patient Management icon (the purple one)

b) Click on the menu button to the right, across from "Patient Management".

c) Click on New Patient/Caregiver

2.  Complete the information for the Caregiver:

a) Leave the Primary Patient Group field empty. 

c) Click Save Changes to continue.

3)  Fill in other demographic information if available.

a) Click on the Edit button on the Shared Secret field.

b) Type in and Save a secret code that is negotiated with and communicated to the caregiver, so they can use to register for the Portal.

c) Click Send Registration to send out the invitation to the caregiver.

Note: To ensure a successfully connection occurs, the caregiver's postal code, home phone number or email address must match with the dependant's as it appears in their chart.

4)  Connect the caregiver to the patient:

a) Click on the Connections tab.
b) In the Add a Patient Connection field, type in the EMR ID or last name of the dependent, select that name. The connection will now show as active, but you're not done yet!
c) Click on the patient’s name to expand permissions.

5.  Check the applicable permission boxes to authorize the caregiver to be able to manage the dependent’s account. Then click Save Permissions. You can also delete the connection if there has been a mistake or if it requested by the patient.