Usually the patient can add their own family connection, however sometimes, disparities in names may cause an issue when trying to match patient identities in the Portal.  Admins can use this method to create the family connection for them.

1.  In the Portal:

a)Click on the Search icon.

b)Type in the patient's last name, EMR ID, or email address.

c)Click on the Profile button as indicated.

2.  Do the following:

a)Click on the Connections tab.  
b)In the Add a Patient Connection field, type in the EMR ID or last name of the dependent, select that name.
c)Click on the patient’s name to activate the connection.

3.  Check the applicable permission boxes to authorize the caregiver to be able to manage the dependent’s account.  Then click Save Permissions.  You can also deactivate the connection if there has been a mistake.

4.  Repeat Step 2 for other connections if necessary.