This article assumes that your EMR is integrated with the Portal, and the patient already has a valid email in the EMR.

1.  Do the following:

a) Click on the Search icon.

b) Select your EMR button.

c) Type in the last name or patient number.

d) Click on the Search button.

e) Click the Add/Update button.

2.  Send out the registration email.

  • The Primary Provider field should be the name of the family doctor, but it can be changed to another provider.
  • The Email field should contain the patient's email imported from the EMR.
  • The Shared Secret is usually the first 4 digits of the patient's health card.  However you can negotiation these numbers with the patient if they don't have a valid health card, and edit the field directly.
  • Click the Send Registration button to send out the invitation email.