The following procedure pertains to the sending of communication to a single patient.  The recipient will be notified of a new message within the Portal and will be asked to log in to view this sensitive note.  To send to multiple patients, please see the document How to Send Group Communications.

1.  In the Portal, go to the Messages Icon, and then click Compose.

2.  At the New Conversation window:

  • In the Search for a Patient field, type in the patient’s last name or EMR ID.  If the patient is a minor, dependent, or a family member who is Connected, the message will be sent to the Caregiver.  You can only send a message to a registered (Patient or Caregiver) or connected user of the Portal.
  • The From section allows the patient to reply to the recipient that is selected, if appropriate.  Typically, you would allow the patient to respond to a workgroup unless you are accepting direct messaging.
  • Write in a Conversation Subject.
  • Compose the main Message body.
  • If attaching a file from your computer desktop, click on Attach File.  This will open up a space to prompt you for a file to send to the patient.  Please note that the attachment will only be stored for seven days after the patient downloads it, and it will be deleted off the system.
  • The If Unread, Notify Me in X Days drop down menu allows you to select the number of days or weeks that the system will notify you if the patient has not yet read this message.

  • Un-check Allow/Require Response box to close the conversation after sending.  This action effectively ends this message thread, and will not allow a reply from the patient.
  • If you do allow a response by checking off Allow/Require Response, then checking the Allow Attachments box will enable the patient to send you file(s) attached to their reply.
  • A response can be required. In this case, the field Allow/Require response should be checked off and a value should be input into the Request response in field. If a response is required in x amount of days and the patient does not respond within this time, the Portal will send the patient an alert prompting them to respond to the now overdue request. Until the patient responds to a message which requires a response, the conversation will reside in the Awaiting Response folder.

  • Please note that requiring a response is different from being notified if a patient has not read a message. If the if unread, notify me in x days is set, the provider will receive a notification in case the patient has not read the message. If a response is required in x amount of days and a response is not received, the patient will be notified via an alert.

  • The Mask Name option will not identify who sent to the patient.  The sender will be displayed as Clinic Staff.
  • The Billable option will allow you to type in the Fee Code where applicable.  A report will be available for each billing cycle.
  • Deliver the secure message by clicking on Send Message.
  • The Send and Download will send your response, download the entire conversation into the patient's chart.