This support resource intends to show a user how to navigate the Provider side of the Portal.

  • The Dashboard, also known as the Homepage is where you can access all of your configured online services (i.e. Messaging, Calendar, Patient Management). This document will outline the relationship between icons and features along with how to access them.

  • The first icon at the top of the Dashboard is the yellow envelope. This is the inbox/mailbox for all of the secure messages that you receive from your patients either directly or addressed to the Workgroup(s) that your provider account has memberships to. 

  • The subsequent icon with the square made up of smaller squares and a checkmark in the corner, is the Appointments icon. From here, you will be able to manage any appointment requests, access the day sheets and calendar as well as manage any of your clinician's schedule templates (i.e. edit and publish templates). 

  • Following the Appointments tab is the icon of two patient silhouettes. This is the Patient Management tab. From this section of the Dashboard you will be able to view any Primary Provider Patient Groups as well as any Custom Patient Groups. Any number displayed on this icon represents the amount of registered patients that use the Portal.

  • The third icon from the right of the message bubble is the Broadcasting tab. From the Broadcasting tab you will be able to compose Email Broadcasts, Secure Notifications and Portal Content to reach out to patient groups and other program members that your clinic runs.

  • The second last icon displayed on the Dashboard is that of a checkmark. This icon represents the Tasks tab. From here you will be reminded to update patient information in the EMR when a patient changes demographics in the Portal (i.e. address, emails) as well as completed e-forms so that you may review and download them to the patient's chart. 

  • The magnifying glass icon is representative of the Search tab. From this area you can search for your patients in the Portal to edit demographics and check account activity. You can also search for patients in your EMR to import them or update their information in the Portal. 

  • Finally, if you wish to access your personal profile (My Account), or the Portal Settings for your clinic's Portal, you can click on your name in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear displaying both options. Your My Account settings will be a space for you to configure your messaging preferences and personal information, whereas the Settings will be where you can edit configurations that can be set to control the online services your clinic offers to patients.