This document is designed to provide you with information about your move over to the new integrated Health Myself Portal.

The new integrated Portal uses the TELUS Exchange to communicate with your EMR. This allows us to automatically push and pull appointments from your schedules, copy conversations to patient charts, and import patients to the system without any file uploads!


New Feature Highlights


  • Real-time e-booking integration.  Self-booked patient appointments are pushed immediately into the EMR schedule, while EMR bookings are synced to the portal automatically every minute.

  • Appointment reminders now prompt the patient to “confirm” their appointment, which will update the status of the appointment in the EMR to “confirmed”.

  • Appointment availability templates are publish automatically and respect the “bookable hours” set in your EMR schedule.

  • Many new additional customization for schedules and appointment types are now available.

  • Option to send appointment reminders to “unregistered” patients.


  • Conversations can be downloaded to the patient's chart in the EMR with one click

Patient Management

  • Patient Sync no longer requires any file upload

Group Communications

  • Can link directly to book a specific appointment types (I.e. click here to book your flu shot)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs?

No, there is no cost to your clinic for this upgrade/migration.

Is moving the to the new Portal mandatory?

Yes. Our new platform will be completely replacing the existing platform. 

What does this mean to me/my clinic?

Think of this migration as more of an “upgrade” to a new version. While the underlying structure of our system has completely changed, the functionality remains the same (with some additional features), and the interface has been given a “face-lift”. 

Health Myself will be handling the physical migration of your data over to the new system and a Health Myself Project Manager will be assigned to work with you prior to go-live to ensure your settings are correct. 

Please note:

  • Currently, your portal is accessed at After migration, patients and staff will access the portal at We will automatically redirect requests to the old address to the new address. 

  • Portal services will be unavailable for a 12 hour period while we migrate your data to the new system. When migration is complete, patients will be able to access the new system at

  • Patients do not need to re-register for the new Portal. They can login with their existing username and password.

  • Conversations (both active and archived) from the “old” Portal will be accessible in the new Portal

What data is being moved over, what data is not being moved over?

Data being migrated:

  • Patient accounts

  • Provider/Admin accounts

  • Secure messages

  • Availability Templates

  • Appointment Types

  • Appointment Booking Rules

  • Custom patient groups including their members (if you want) ie. Diabetes, PAP, etc.

Data NOT being migrated

Please note that while we are not migrating the following data to the new portal, you will be provided a read-only copy of the data.

  • Historical appointment data (though you already have this in the EMR)

  • Group communications

May I see a demo of the new Portal?

Here's a sneak a preview (please click):

When will we migrate?

We will be contacting you in the coming weeks to schedule your migration.

How do I get support?

Support can be reached at