The following procedure outlines how to install and use the Health Myself Chrome Extension to enhance productivity and convenience directly within Med Access.

Caveat:  You must use Google Chrome web browser, and have administrative rights to install extensions.  If you have issues installing the extension, please check with your IT department.  The extension is installed on the computer, and logged in using a Portal user account.  If you are sharing computer with other users, please remember to log off after your session.


  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on this link to install (you may also copy the link and paste it in the address bar of Chrome):
  3. Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension, and then click Add Extension when next the window appears.
  4. Log into Med Access.
  5. At the top right corner or Chrome, click on the Health Myself icon (the pixelated guy), and then input the clinic's Portal site identifier.  If the URL for your portal is, you would enter testclinic.
  6. Now log in using your Portal username and password.
  7. You are now logged in.
  8. Please note the two icons now appearing at the bottom of the Med Access screen.  Clicking on either icon will open the Portal in a new tab, targeting the either Messaging or E-booking accordingly.
  9. Click on the Med Access Search icon and open up a sample patient.  Please note the pixelated Health Myself icon displaying the patient's registration status.  In the picture below, this patient is Registered with the Portal.
  10. If the patient is Registered or Connected(to a caregiver), you can initiate a new message to the patient.  You can also view the the patient's existing conversation, or manage the patient's Portal profile.
  11. If the patient is Unregistered, the Portal will display the patient's profile and allow you to Send Registration Email to this patient directly.

How to enable the extension to launch video appointments directly from the MedAccess schedule:

1. Click on the Menu button at the top right of the Google Chrome window:

2. Go to More Tools > Extensions > Details for the Health Myself MedAccess Extension > Extension Options. Here, turn on Enable Video Visit Launcher > Save. 

By default, the Portal will display the launch button (a video camera icon) in the MedAccess schedule (in the Concern field) for any appointment whose appointment type name/title includes the word "Video" in it. This keyword/phrase can be adjusted in the "Link video to appointment types containing the word" field.