A schedule can be set to send reminders to both registered and unregistered patients. If unregistered reminders are enabled, all patients who have an email address will receive reminders for appointments, regardless of how their appointment was booked (i.e. online through Health Myself or directly in the EMR by clinic staff). However, reminders can be turned off for certain appointments (for example, a virtual/phone appointment), while keeping them enabled for all others.

The following is what you'll need to do to turn off reminders for phone/virtual appointments while keeping them for all others:

1. Enable the appointment type ( e.g. "Telephone Appointment") in the Portal. If it doesn't exist in the Portal, please create the appointment type, first in the clinic-wide settings and then enable it for the appropriate schedule(s).

2. In the General Settings of the telephone appointment type, make sure the Location field stays empty and that Display to Patient IS checked.

3. Under Appointment Reminders, make sure that Send Reminder is left unchecked. Click Save.

4. If patient should not be able to see this appointment type in their Upcoming Appointments page, NOW uncheck Display to Patient and Save.

5. Make sure that the Audience settings don't include any patient groups as the audience if you're not making this appointment type available to be booked online. If you would like it to be booked online, you'd include the appropriate patient groups in the Audience settings.

6. Link the Portal appointment to the EMR appointment type.

The Appointment Type settings here will override the Schedule settings for reminders. So patients will receive reminders and notifications for all appointments (whether in the Portal or EMR) except this one.