This document illustrates e-book handling in a pending state that requires front line staff to triage.  For pre-approved bookings, staff is not required to take any action.

1.  When a patient books online,

a) The Calendar icon will show the number of pending bookings.

b) Click on the New Bookings & Cancellations  tab to view all pending bookings.

2.  To approve this request, click on the green checkmark as shown above.

3.  To decline the request, click on the X.  

  • You may choose to provide a reason for rejecting this request in the text box.  If you do, a Secure Message will be delivered to the patient along with the rejection notification. 
  • The Recreate Availabilities box is checked on by default.  You can un-check that to cancel and remove this e-booking availability.
  • Click the Decline Request button to commit.

4.  In situations where the patient booked an inappropriate appointment type, or when you know that this particular patient requires more time with the provider, click the appointment description as shown below.

a) You can extend the appointment length to an appropriate time if there is a free booking availability adjacent to the booking time.

b) If necessary, change the appointment type by choosing from the drop down menu.

c) Click Save to commit.

d) Click on the green checkmark to approve the edited appointment.