In this document, we will customize the Clinic Appointment Type to the individual provider's schedule.  Please see Schedules, Clinic Appointment Type before continuing.

1.  In Settings, Schedules, click on the provider's name.

2.  Since we have already configured the provider's General Schedule Settings, we will click and expand on Appointment Types & Rules.

3.   At this stage, click on the Enable button to make this appointment type available for the provider's schedule.

  • Dr. Healthmyself's customized appointment type.

4.  Customize The Individual Provider's Appointment Type:

  • Click on Edit

  • You can send yourself a test reminder after customizing the sections below.

  • General Settings
    • Most of the information is taken from the Clinic Appointment Type that was created previously.
    • Review the setting and customize for the provider if necessary.
    • Click Save Changes to commit.
  • Audience
    • If this appointment is bookable by patients in the Primary Provider Group, then select according.
    • If this appointment is bookable by patients in a Custom Group, then go to the Custom tab and select accordingly.
    • Click on Save Audience to commit.

  • Reasons
    • Using Dr. Healthmyself's example above, you will add in the sub-category Follow-Up.
    • Start typing to add an option and click on Add this option.
    • You can click on the sub-reason (e.g. Follow-Up) to further customize it.
    • If necessary, enter a custom Reason Placeholder.
    • The Alert Content will supersede the Reason Placeholder, and is usually enabled with Deny Booking.  For example, if the reason Label is "I am having chest pain", then inputting "You cannot book this appointment, please call 911" in this alert field would be appropriate.
    • Max Characters limit the words that the patient can type in the text field.  It is recommended to keep this short as this text will be synced into the EMR appointment notes.
    • Order prioritizes the sub-categories accordingly.
    • Check the Reason Required box to make the patient's input mandatory.
    • If Deny Booking box is checked, then the patient selecting this sub-category will not be able to continue.  Keep in mind that they can select another sub-category to advance if available.
    • Click Save Changes to commit.
    • Click Remove to remove this sub-category.

  • Link to EMR
    • Appointment types in the Portal can be linked to those in the EMR. Linking appointments will ensure that the corresponding appointment type is displayed in the EMR when it is e-booked by a patient. Linking appointment types can also be used to customize appointment-specific settings (e.g. reminders) for unregistered patients. 
    • To link a Portal appointment to an EMR appointment, click on Link to EMR, then the Edit icon beside the External ID field and then Appointment Types. This will display all the appointment types in the EMR. Select the appropriate EMR appointment > Close > Save.