In this document, we will link the Individual Provider Appointment Type to the Individual Provider Appointment Rule.  Please see Schedules, Provider Appointment Rule and Provider Appointment Type before continuing.

1.  In Settings, Schedules, click on the provider's name.

2.  Do the following:

  • Expand on Appointment Types & Rules.
  • Go to Appointment Rule Groups.
  • Using Dr. Lau's personal configuration form, you will link the appropriate appointment types to rules.

3.  Based on the above configuration form, we can identify:

  • Three Appointment Types and Two Appointment Rules
    • 3 appointment names equal 3 appointment types
    • 2 appointment types share the same Appointment Is Taken Offline and Appointment Becomes Available
  • Check the boxes according to their logical association.
  • An appointment type may link to multiple appointment rules.