This article outlines when the Patient Portal will send out appointment notifications and reminders.

Let's explore a few scenarios of how our system works currently. For these scenarios, let's assume there is a 48 hour appointment reminder set.

Scenario 1 - Patient books follow-up appointment with receptionist for 1 week from now
  • Receives appointment notification by email within ~5-10 minutes 
  • Receives appointment reminder 48 hours (or whatever this is set at) before appointment
**please note that appointment reminders and appointment notifications are different in that one typically prompts for confirmation and the other is just informational.

Scenario 2 - Patient books appointment with reception for day after tomorrow
  • Patient receives appointment reminder within ~30 minutes (if an appointment is booked for an appointment that has already missed it's usual reminder window, the portal sends out the reminder right away)
Scenario 3 - Patient books appointment for just less than 72 hours from now
  • Patient will receive an appointment reminder the next day