This page helps clinics deactivate E-Booking for their patients. It is designed for cases in which the clinic no longer wants to offer this service. By following these steps successfully, your patients will see a statement clarifying that the clinic is currently not offering online E-Booking.

Deactivating E-Booking for your Patients

  • In Settings, go to Schedules, then click on the Provider's schedule

  • Once you are in the selected Provider's Schedule, go into the Appointment Types & Rules

  • From within the Appointment Types & Rules you will be able to access all of the appointments and booking rules the provider utilizes 
  • For the purpose of deactivating E-Booking, you will need to go into the Appointment Types
  • Once you are able to view your list of Appointment Types, simply click Disable next to each to deactivate them

  • Your Appointment Types will now be disabled, making E-Booking unavailable for your patients

  • Now when your patients attempt to book an appointment, they will receive a notifier that the clinic is not currently offering E-Booking