This article outlines the minimum technical requirements to use the Health Myself Video Conferencing (Consults) feature.  Please refer to the following document to troubleshoot connection issues:

Internet Connectivity:

  • Minimum internet download and upload speed should be at least 1Mbps. Upload speed determines the quality of your video image sent to the person at the other end of the video call.
  • Test your internet speed on the device that will be used for video conferencing at this link:
  • Please note that concurrent users will consume your shared bandwidth which will affect your video call.

Devices must have a Camera, Microphone, and Speaker. Supported devices are:

  • Laptops (Mac or PC).
  • Tablets (Android or iOS).
  • Smartphones (Android or iOS).
  • Desktop computers (Macs or PCs with multiple cameras or speakers are acceptable. You will be asked to choose a peripheral at the time of the video call).

Supported Internet Browsers: 

  • Google Chrome: Version 56 and above (Current version is 80).
  • Safari: Version 11 + (Current version is 13).
  • Firefox: Version 58+ (Current Version 74).
  • Edge:  Chromium (Current Version 81.0.416.58).
  • When connecting to your Video Consult session, you must allow the browser to access your device's Camera and Microphone.

Note:  Internet Explorer (All versions) is NOT supported.

Check Browser Compatibility:

  • Click the following link to check:
  • If you encounter a failure, please send an email to, indicate what failed and include a screen capture of the Additional Information section.