This article outlines steps to help resolve connection issues such as choppy video or disconnections.  The quality of your video conference is not an exact science and may be affected by multiple factors.  Please ensure that Video Conferencing has already been set up properly.  The article also assumes that you are able to initiate a video conference session as noted below.

For Provider: 

For Patient: 

Please perform the following tests:

Browser Compatiblity Test

  • Click the following link to check:
  • Please note that currently video conferencing does not work with Chrome browser when installed on iPad and iPhones.  Please use their default Safari browser instead.
  • If there is a failure, please send an email to, indicate what failed and include a screen capture of the Additional Information section.

Permission to Use Camera and Microphone

  • When starting your video session, it is critical that you ALLOW the internet browser to access your camera and your microphone.

Change Permission on Chrome:

Change Permission on Safari: 

Bandwidth Test

  • Minimum internet download and upload speed should be at least 1Mbs. Upload speed determines the quality of your video image sent to the person at the other end of the video call.
  • With your device that will be used for video conferencing, click here:
  • Consult your Internet Service Provider if your bandwidth is not sufficient and consider upgrading to a higher bandwidth.
  • Please note that concurrent users will consume your shared bandwidth which will affect your video call.

Wifi Analyzer

  • If your bandwidth is adequate but you're getting choppy video, please download this from the app store:
  • Check that you have a strong signal: -60 dBm or higher (green colour is good).
  • Check that your Wifi channels are not overlapped with too many other Wifi access points (ie. your neighbours's wifi).

The Caller on the Other End

  • If your browser compatibility test passes and your bandwidth test is also adequate, the bottleneck issue could be with the receiver of your video call.
  • Please share this article with them.
  • Test with different callers from other places such as at home or in the office.