This support document will show you the steps to set up the different methods of the Check-In feature for your patients to check-in to their appointments. Please note that Check-In is a licensed feature that must be activated by your Telus or Health Myself staff. Please contact Telus sales for more information. 

Furthermore, please note that reminders need to be enabled for unregistered patients for Check-In emails to be sent properly. To do this, from Settings, go to "Schedules" and click on the provider or providers that will be using the Check-In Feature. Next, click on "Appointment Reminders" and verify that the box next to "Send Reminders to Unregistered Patients" is checked before saving.

Setting the displayed Check-In time for your patients' appointments

The first and simplest step towards utilizing the Check-In feature is to set the Check-In time that is displayed to a patient in their appointment reminder email. This is configurable on an individual appointment type basis (i.e. the Check-In time displayed to patients can be different for separate appointment types). An additional point to note is that if an appointment type is set to 'Is virtual visit (phone, video, etc..)' they will not receive a check-in email.

  • First go to the Settings and click on Schedules.

  • Please note that the displayed Check-In time for an appointment reminder can be configured in each individual provider's schedule for all their appointment types and/or their individual Appointment Types.
  • Next choose the provider's schedule. 

  • Go to Schedule Settings, you can then set the Default Advanced Check-In (minutes) so that all reminders will display the check-in time that this is set to (i.e. if set to 15 minutes, the Check-In time on the appointment reminder will be displayed as 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Appointment at 4:30pm, Check-in displayed to patient as 4:15pm). Please note that the Advanced Check-In (minutes) setting that is configured in a specific appointment type will override this Default Advanced Check-In (minutes) found in the Schedule Settings

  • If you would like a specific appointment type's displayed Check-In time to differ from the default Check-In time, Go into Appointment Types and Rules. 

  • Click Edit for the appointment type you would like to set the displayed Check-In time for your patients, and go to the General Settings of that appointment type, from here you will be able to find the Advance Check-In (minutes) field. Please set this to how many minutes before an appointment you would like the Check-In time to be displayed to the patient (i.e. if a patient's appointment is booked for 4:30 and the Advanced Check-In is set to 15 minutes, the check-in time on the appointment reminder will be displayed as 4:15 to the patient). Please note that the system will allow a patient to check-in within 3 hours before the scheduled appointment time. 

Enabling Check-In

To enable the actual Check-In Feature, the steps are as follows.

  • Go to the Settings and scroll down to Check-In Profiles.

  • Once you have accessed the Check-In Profiles tab, you should click New Check-In Profile.

When creating a Check-In Profile, the clinic will need to decide what kind of device the patient will need to check-in with. The clinic can create a profile for a device that the clinic owns (i.e. a tablet at a check-in kiosk at the clinic) or they can create a profile for patients to check-in from their own device (i.e. a mobile device like a phone or their own tablet). 

Once you have finished creating your Check-In Profile(s) you must contact your Health Myself Staff to activate this device profile and any subsequent Check-In profiles you create. 

  • After clicking New Check-In Profile, you will need to configure the Name of the profile you are creating (i.e. Clinic Check-In Kiosk or Patient Device Profile), the Check-In Device Owner (i.e. Patient or Clinic) and finally choose the EMR.

  • Click on Save Changes to create the new profile so that you may set the final configurations.
  • The Properties section is where you can find the settings you just configured, you can also set the Location of this device profile and whether or not this Is a stationary device (if this profile is for a patient owned device, you will not need to worry about this setting).
  • Typical use-case is that you only need one check-in profile per clinic. However, if you have multiple waiting rooms then you will need to create multiple locations and their corresponding check-in profiles. Please contact our support team for assistance if you are unsure. This means that you should configure one check-in profile per clinic location.

  • Please note that if configuring a Patient Device Profile you will be able to set the Check-in Proof of Presence Mode. By default, this will be set to Strict which will require the patient to enter the Check-In Code provided on the page the clinic prints everyday for patient check-in. If the clinic changes this setting to Lax the code will not be required when checking in for an appointment. 

  • The next section to configure will be the Check-In Description area. Here you will be able to configure the messages that are displayed your patients during the Check-In process.
  • You will need to configure the Check-In Title, Check-In Description (i.e. Please follow the instructions to check-in with your clinic before your appointment), Proof of Presence Instructions, Check-In Complete Instructions (i.e. You are now checked in, please wait for staff to call you), and finally the Session Complete Instructions.

  • The next configurable section will be the Late Check-In settings. These configurations will allow you to display a custom Late Check-In Instruction message (set in Late Check-In Instructions) to your patients based on the Late Check-In Minutes
  • The Late Check-In Instructions can be set to display a message if a patient is attempting to check-in late for their appointment (i.e. For your next appointment, please ensure you arrive in a timely manner. Please check-in and await your clinic staff). 
  • There is a hard-cap set by the system, which will not allow patients to check-in 30 mins after their scheduled appointment start time. Late Check-In Instructions (does not allow process to continue): "You cannot self check-in at this time.  Please see your office administrator" this system hard-cap will be overruled by the Late Check-In Minutes.
  • You can then configure Late Check-In Minutes to how many minutes after their scheduled appointment time the patient will be displayed the Late Check-In Instructions (i.e. if you set the Late Check-In Minutes to 5 mins but the patient attempts to check-in 6 minutes after their scheduled appointment time, they will receive the Late Check-In Instructions the clinic has set, and will not be able to proceed with the check-in process)

  • Finally, you will need to set which Schedules will be associated with the Check-In Profile. This means that all of the appointments (including the patients of those appointments) associated with the chosen schedules will be eligible for the check-in process. You can add the schedule(s) in the Attached Schedules section of the profile. Once you have finished setting all of these configurations, click Save.

Final Steps for Enabling a Clinic Owned Check-In Device

Please remember that you will need to contact the Health Myself Staff to activate any of your Check-In Profiles, before you proceed any further.

  • To finish enabling the device profile so that your patients will be able to utilize your check-in kiosk/device, you will first need to go to the Dashboard/Home of your Portal, and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Here you will find the Quick Links table, under which you can identify the Check-In option. Please click Check-In

  • From there you will be able to view any Check-In Device Profiles that you have created.

  • Open your Clinic Device Profile and click on the small QR Code icon on the left side (beside the letter-code). 

  • When the QR Code is displayed, please open the camera on your kiosk device (Android/Apple tablet) and while using the rear-facing camera, point at the QR code. On Apple devices a notification will appear, and for Android devices, a small link will appear on the screen. Please click on that notification/link. The Check-In Screen should now appear on your device! 

Giving your Patients Access to Check-In from their Mobile Device

  • Once your Health Myself Staff have activated the Patient Device Profile you can then print out a page with a QR Code or a link with a Check-In Code for the patient to check-in for their appointment, from their own mobile device. 

Please note, that the Check-In and QR Code changes everyday, so you will need to print this sheet out daily and display it for your patients. 

  • To access this page, please go to the Dashboard/Homepage of your Portal and scroll down to the Quick Links and choose Check-In, open the Patient Device Profile and click on 'Print Today's Check-In Instructions'.

  • You will then be given the option to print the page to display to your patients. Printed QR Code should be displayed to the patient in a prominent location.  Feel free to print multiple signs to display throughout the waiting room area.

Your Check-In Service is now ready to be offered to your patients!