The purpose of this support resource is to demonstrate how to setup Schedule Groupings. The intent of Schedule Groupings is for patients to be able to book certain appointments that have been enabled in multiple provider's schedules, with whichever provider is available, regardless of their Primary Provider/Patient Group. Scenarios where this is applicable could include After-Hour Clinics, where patients of all patient groups will be able to book an appointment with whichever provider is working that evening. 

  • The first step to setup your Schedule Group will be to go to your Settings and go to the Schedules tab.

  • Once you have accessed the Schedules tab you can then follow through to the Schedule Groupings.

  • From here you can click New Schedule Group, name it and click the blue Save button.

  • Once you have created the new Schedule Group, you can then configure this group, starting with its General Settings. Once the General Settings have been customized, you can press Save
    • Among these settings, you will need to configure the Internal Name (which is the name the clinic will see), the Public Name (the name the patient's will see) and the Public Description (the description of the schedule group that will be displayed to patients). 

  • After the preliminary General Settings have been configured, you can add the Schedule Group Members (i.e. the provider's schedules which will be associated with this group). To do this, you can click on the Add a schedule drop-down field and choose from the list of active schedules in the Portal followed by clicking Save

  • Now that the Schedule Group has been successfully created, you will need to associate the appointment types you would like like grouped together. This will need to be done in each individual provider's schedule and their respective enabled appointment type. Go to Schedules in the Settings, open up the provider's schedule, and go to Appointment Types & Rules

  • From the Appointment Types & Rules find the appointment type(s) you would like grouped together and click Edit. You can then access the General Settings of that appointment type from which you can scroll down to locate the Other section. Here you will find the field displayed as Associate appointment with Schedule Group, you can then click the drop-down menu to choose the Schedule Grouping you previously created and press Save

  • Your patients should now be able to book these appointments based on the availabilities you have published in your schedule templates. Note that the patient will not be displayed a provider to choose from, rather, they will choose the availabilities that you have published in both provider's schedules.